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In business since 1965
Started by Jerry Overman in the mid 1960s, photography has been a primary business area ever since.  Taking photographs at hundreds of weddings, Bar Mitzvahs and other family events, political events, concerts and NASCAR races, Jerry has gained an eye for the images you will cherish for years to come.  With the eye of a master and the patience of a monk (we didn't think so when we were teenagers), he has passed this on to the next two generations of Overman photographers.

Wedding and family event packages
Each wedding is a unique event, but we do have some standard packages that you can choose from.  These let you go into the event knowing that at least one area can stay within budget.  These don't lock you in, however.  As your long-lost Aunt or someone else decides that extra prints are needed, these are available via a standard price list.
Advertising, Commercial and Legal photography services
Whether it's new products to advertise, a new office or manufacturing facility, or to assist with legal matters, Overman photography has the experience to do what's needed.  We work with you to photo-document whatever you may need.  These services are billed on a per-diem basis, half day minimum.  Prints, slides or other media are custom services based on your requirements.
Artistic and Landscape Photography
Involving three generations of Overman photographers, this is the fun part of what we do.  We have images from National Parks and other landmarks throughout the United States and Canada.  These images range from majestic views of the Grand Teton mountains in Wyoming and wild roads through Canyonlands National Park in Utah and the Big Sur, California coast, to mirror lakes in Canada and brooks winding through the southern Appalachian Mountains.
Please contact Michael Overman for family event and commercial photography via email or
by phone at
Please contact Michael, Tom or Jerry for artistic and landscape photography
Michael Overman (email) or 704.526.8805
Tom Overman (email) or 408.314.3582
Jerry Overman:       704.376.4153

Photography by
Michael, Tom and Jerry Overman
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